Dining Bar SelVaggio【ダイニングバー セルバッジョ】
Dining Bar SelVaggio【ダイニングバー セルバッジョ】

Access: 3 minutes walk from JR Kobe Line Settomiyama Station / Hankyu Kobe Line Okamoto Station 3 min. Walk / 21 m

Course details

Veal cattle roast can be tasted! «All 8 items» 2H 【With drinking】 Heisei Last New Year's party course 4000 yen

Veal cattle roast can be tasted! «All 8 items» 2H 【With drinking】 Heisei Last New Year's party course 4000 yen

By using a coupon4000 yen

  • 8items
  • 3persons-
All-you-can-drink available

120 minutes ※ All you can drink special at + 500 yen!

Reservation deadline
Until 23 o'clock the day before the store visit date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Mistakes of Japanese food and Italian ♪ ♪ 1 item 1 item can be enjoyed fun ☆ just like a small bowl of Japanese food vegetable-like starter small bowl of eight kinds Assorted, soup winding wind omelets ~ steamed beef with mussels ~, roasted lump of millet meat from calves drinking ♪ just dish items such as Japanese-style spicy risotto ♪ Of course you can drink all-you-can-drink for 2 hours

Course menu

Eight appetizer small bowls served

Raw ham mango

Western style breed of mizuna

Lotus Roasted Kinpira Smoked Soy Sauce Flavor

Mushroom mushroom mushroom

Stir-fried eggplant and bacon in tomato

anchovy potato

Grilled oven from Awaji-onion

Balsamic pickled mini tomatoes

· Seasonal fish carpaccio Japanese style sauce

· Softly steamed chicken with salt koji ~ with flavor source ~

· Parmigiano roast of Edamame

· Scalloped wind omelet with mussels wine steamed with bean paste

· New Zealand milk drinking lump of thigh meat roast Roasted Marsala and nuts sauce

· Japanese style tofrido risotto

· Two seasonal fruits on offer

※ Because we are using seasonal ingredients, the contents may differ somewhat.

◆ If you use this course you can also choose 14 great privileges ◆

1, Special cocktail gift that imagined the leading role in oversized cocktail glass! (Can not be used with oversized parfait.)

2, complete projector ☆ Let's enjoy exciting images and others on a big screen!

3, Magnum sparkling wine (1500 ml) service! ___ ___ ___ 0

4, bouquet agency service ___ to the leading role (bring in flowers and cakes for free!)

5, Bottle of wine bottle You can write a bottle with a white pen on the leading role in the service ♪

6, Collage for collation, Prepare cracker ♪

7, a newspaper on the day when your birthday was born, or a newspaper on the day you joined the farewell party.

8, We will shoot together photo ☆

9, Cheki rental free !!

10, I will make memorial DVD creation ♪ 3000 yen ~

11, self-shooting lens rental free!

12, Birthday Hall cake service ♪

13, an oversized parfaon which imagined the leading role in oversized cocktail glass ★ ★ (Can not be used with oversized cocktail)

14, wineglass shopping service !!

* Available benefits differ depending on the number of people using the course.Please contact the staff for details.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Sapporo raw black label
·Red and white
· Horn, Early Times, Dewars (You can also make high balls, of course.))
· Cassis, Peach, Mango Yang, Malibu, Apple, Cointreau, Kyoho, Pear, Campari, Tinzano (cocktail of soda, juice, etc. ♪)
· Gin tonic, jin back, gin ricky etc etc
· Vodka tonic, Moscow, Bulldog etc etc
· Lamb
· Rum tonic, lamb back, Cuba libret etc etc
· Tequila tonic, Mexicana, etc.
· Shochu
· Wheat, sweet potato etc
·Plum wine
· Shirley Temple (Pomegranate + Gingerael + Lemon), Russian Heart (Grapefruit + Gingerael + Lime), Pussycat (Orange + Pine + Grapefruit), Virgin Breeze (Cranberry + Grapefruit), etc.
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea, orange juice, grapefruit juice, pine juice, cranberry juice, mango juice, guava juice, milk, cola, ginger ale

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